MCBEND - A Monte Carlo Program for General Radiation Transport

MCBEND is a powerful Monte Carlo software tool for general radiation transport analysis for shielding and dosimetry analysis.

The Software

MCBEND is a general purpose radiation transport code that can calculate neutron, gamma-ray and charged particle transport in sub-critical systems; coupling of the different radiation types is also possible. MCBEND models the transport of individual particles accurately by using a very fine energy group representation of nuclear data and a flexible geometry modelling package. In effect the code simulates what happens in practice, and performs a numerical experiment of the system under study. This is known as the Monte Carlo Method.

In addition to its powerful geometry modelling package MCBEND has versatile source description options and powerful automatic acceleration options for maximum productivity. Nuclear data libraries exist for MCBEND from a variety of sources including UKNDL, JEFF, ENDF/B-VI and JENDL.

MCBEND is validated for an extensive range of applications. The validation database covers many of the materials and geometries that are encountered in the nuclear industry and is subject to ongoing review and enhancement.

What can MCBEND be used for?

MCBEND has been successfully applied to such problems as:

  • Shield design and optimisation for reactor plant
  • Interpretation and analysis of measurements on operating plant and in experimental facilities
  • New and spent fuel transportation both within countries and between countries
  • Neutron damage at reactor pressure vessels and other reactor components
  • Design studies for fissile material transport containers
  • Decommissioning preparation and planning
  • Shield design for waste storage facilities
  • Reprocessing facilities
  • Fusion devices
  • Fuel storage facilities support
  • Prediction and calibration of nuclear instruments
  • Geophysical logging tool analysis and operations support
  • Prediction of personnel dose levels
  • Calculation of radiation-induced material changes
  • Shield design for irradiation plant
  • Sterilisation of products by irradiation
  • Medical physics treatment planning

How do I know my model is correct?

MCBEND is supported by Visual Workshop, which means that checking for geometry errors is easy.

What hardware is MCBEND available on?

MCBEND is available for both Windows and Linux

Where do I find out more?

For a more detailed view have a look at a few technical papers.

For further information contact the ANSWERS Customer Support Team.

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