MONK - A Monte Carlo program for nuclear criticality safety and reactor physics analyses

MONK® is a powerful Monte Carlo software tool for nuclear criticality safety and reactor physics analysis

The Software

MONK's advanced geometry modelling and detailed continuous energy collision treatment provides realistic 3D models for an accurate simulation of neutronic behaviour. MONK's superhistory algorithm provides robust and reliable estimates of the neutron multiplication factor, k-effective and other parameters of interest.

Nuclear data libraries exist for MONK from a variety of sources including JEFF, ENDF/B-VII, CENDL and UKNDL. These exist in continuous-energy and hyperfine group form for definitive criticality analyses and in multigroup form for reactor analysis. A microscopic depletion capability is available.

Validation is of prime importance for a criticality code and the MONK package contains a large set of validation data, drawing heavily on experiments in the International Criticality Safety Benchmark Evaluation Project (ICSBEP) handbook. Support in the use of the code and its application is available from our dedicated help-desk, providing direct access to our criticality, reactor physics and shielding expertise.

What can MONK be used for?

MONK has been successfully used in support of the design and operation of a wide range of nuclear facilities covering the complete fuel cycle. Selected examples include:

  • Uranium enrichment covering diffusion and centrifuge plant
  • Fuel fabrication for thermal, fast and experimental reactors
  • New and spent fuel transportation both within countries and between countries
  • Design studies for fissile material transport containers
  • Spent fuel handling and long-term pool storage
  • Spent fuel dry storage
  • Fuel consolidation and dry cell handling
  • Fuel dissolution
  • Chemical separation involving mixer-settlers and pulsed-columns
  • Reactor core loading assessment
  • Product finishing and storage
  • Waste treatment and handling
  • Waste storage including evaporation, vitrification, encapsulation and consolidation
  • Plutonium metal production and handling
  • Reactor analysis for all thermal reactor types
  • Burnup credit analyses

How do I know my model is correct?

MONK is supported by Visual Workshop, which means that checking for geometry errors is easy.

What hardware is MONK available on?

MONK is available for both Windows and Linux

Where do I find out more?

For a more detailed view have a look at a few technical papers.

For further information contact the ANSWERS Customer Support Team.

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