RANKERN - A Point-Kernel program for gamma ray transport solutions

RANKERN assists users with radiation transport problems in shield design, dosimetry and industrial applications.

The Software

The RANKERN code provides a rapid method for the design and assessment of gamma-ray shielding and dosimetry. RANKERN is suitable for determining dose-rates through shield materials, in ducts and labyrinths and from skyshine and has a wide-range of applications within the nuclear power industry and other market sectors.

RANKERN utilises the point-kernel technique coupled with build-up factors to correct the uncollided flux for the contribution due to scattering. The code uses a powerful and flexible threedimensional geometry modelling package to enable even complicated geometry systems to be described with minimum effort. RANKERN can also model any number of source bodies with different shapes, dimensions, orientations and spectra, within a single calculation. The integration of the point-kernel over the spatial distribution of the source is carried out using a stochastic integration method, which employs an automatic technique for adjusting the source importance function. Another benefit is RANKERN's ability to treat penetration paths involving multiple flight scatter or reflection events.

The code has a series of self-contained libraries; these include: a gamma-ray cross section data library for all elements, a set of cross section data for standard materials, libraries of Taylor form polynomial build-up factors and ANS643 build-up factors for common materials, an albedo data library and 22 and 180 energy group activation and fission product gamma-ray source libraries.

What can RANKERN be used for?

RANKERN has been successfully applied to such problems as:

  • Shield design and optimisation for reactor and process plant
  • Prediction of operational personnel dose levels
  • Fuel storage facilities
  • Indirect penetration of radiation along ducts
  • Design studies for fissile material transport containers
  • New and spent fuel transportation both within countries and between countries
  • Waste packaging and management planning
  • Decommissioning preparation and planning
  • Analysis of the effects of radiation transmission by skyshine
  • Sterilisation of products and food by irradiation
  • Self-attenuation in sealed radiography sources
  • Half thickness values for shielding materials

How do I know my model is correct?

RANKERN is supported by Visual Workshop, which means that checking for geometry errors is easy.

What hardware is RANKERN available on?

RANKERN is available for both Windows and Linux

Where do I find out more?

For a more detailed view have a look at a few technical papers.

For further information contact the ANSWERS Customer Support Team.

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